2020 Year-End Messages from Board and GM

Thank you from your Board of Directors

As a Board, we have been reflecting upon this past year with immense gratitude. 2020  brought our co-operative community many complicated challenges as COVID 19 changed the way we all live, shop and work. Thanks to the efforts of our dedicated GM, workers, and the commitment and loyalty of you, our engaged members, we have succeeded in making it through this year safely. Many thanks to all of you for flexing with us as we worked to make the necessary adaptations, and for supporting your Co-op through your regular shopping in the store!

2020 has also brought cause for great optimism for our Co-op! As we mentioned at the AGM, we are actively working to secure a new additional site and are now busy putting together the final details of the member investment campaign to support the project. This is a very exciting time and we look forward to sharing information on our upcoming member investment program soon! Please look out for more information coming in the new year, when we plan to host another member meeting over Zoom.

Happy Holidays to all of you and a very Happy New Year!

Your Board of Directors


A Message from the G.M.

The Co-op has had many changes this year with many long time staff members retiring and the hiring of a new group of employees picking up the mantle. While the personnel has changed some things haven't.  We continue to offer great service and continue to search for local and female owned businesses to support. 

Covid has had an impact on the store, from safety precautions and to the way we operate the store due to safety concerns. We have even started a delivery service to support our most vulnerable community members. The safety of our staff, members and customers has always been our number one priority!!  We have listened to our employees who recommended that we start a store mask policy which we did well before the government guidelines which makes our coop more important now than ever.  The fact that our staff had the weight to bring their safety concerns forward in such a short time and have changes made to adapt to a new policy makes us truly unique and special. 

Now, onto the amazing groups we are supporting. EEFC is proud to continue its support of Grandview Woodland Food Connection by supplying groceries at cost.  Ian, and a hard working group of volunteers have been delivering food to seniors and those unable to get out in the community all year. We were so inspired by what they were doing in the community we wanted to help even more by hosting a month-long fundraiser with a goal of raising $1000! Well, you our members said no way that's not enough and doubled our goal and we raised $2000!

We started our holiday hamper program for Atria last month with a goal of selling 200 hampers and hopefully bettering last years donation.  Well again, you our members said 200 is not enough and so far to date we sold 512 hampers or $2560 worth of food.  I cannot put into words what this means for the coop and to Atira. Thank you for your heartfelt generosity.  That’s over a 110 cases of food going to help feed women on the DTES and a helping hand to a worthwhile organization who needs support this time of year.  While we have supported our neighbors and other smaller community groups during the year these two campaigns have really filled our hearts with pride and emotion. We could not have done these amazing feats without all you. Thank you. 

To our staff, who show up during these difficult times, your hard work and dedication during this difficult year is nothing less than inspiring!

I am happy to report your little coop has had one of its best years in sales in the past four years! Thank you to all of you from the bottom of our hearts!!

Thank you for all you have done and enjoy your holidays! Be safe. 


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