Brand Profile: Fraserland Organics

Fraserland Organics

Fraserland Organics is comprised of three family farms in Delta, BC. They are the Bow Chong, Harris and Dhaliwal families. They came together based on their shared passion of the family-owned farm and working cooperatively to grow great certified organic produce.

The collective is committed to sustainable organic farming and participates on a regular basis in agricultural research to help improve their organic farming techniques. They even started their own apiary to support the struggling bee population.  They also plant bee-friendly plants like giant Sunflowers and use ladybugs to fight against aphids that could easily destroy their crops. They also work with ES Cropconsult, an organic research organization, to develop soil nutrient and pest management programs. On top of that, they work with the University of British Columbia, the University of Manitoba and Kwantlen Polytechnic University on developing new agricultural techniques and innovations, ensuring and supporting the development of new organic farming ideas that will hopefully grow beyond Fraserland Organics.

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