Throughout the pandemic the co-op has been quick to respond to recommendations from health officials, as well as suggestions from staff, on how to make our store a more comfortable, safe place to shop for everyone in the neighborhood through these difficult times.

We ask that you:

  • Please wear a facial covering unless you have a medical exemption.
  • Maintain social distancing in the store - our customer limit of 6 is to help make this easier.
  • Do not fill your own bags or containers with bulk bin items.
  • Pack shopping bags that you've brought from home. (We are happy to pack bags and boxes provided by us!)
  • Do not enter or exit  through the delivery door, though you are still welcome to park in the rear.

In addition, we have implemented sanitation procedures to help ensure everyone's safety:

  • All baskets and high-touch surfaces are cleaned every morning, and shopping baskets are sanitized after every use.
  • All bulk bin handles are sanitized every 4 hours.

Unfortunately, this means that we are not currently able to provide public washroom access. We apologize for this inconvenience.