Pick-up & Delivery Program

Starting on June 25th, 2020, due to the slower summer months and less demand for online shopping we will be reducing our pickup and delivery service by 1 day.

Our new service days will be every Thursday and Friday

We will still hold 10 spots for our senior members. 

Please note the following details:

  • Orders can be made by email by filling out this excel form or by listing requested items in an email to [email protected] or our Contact Us Page.
  • All orders must include member name, member number, address, and phone number and indicate whether is for pick-up or delivery.
  • The delivery area is between Nanaimo to Carrall (North of 1st) and Nanaimo to Clark (between 1st and 12th).
  • Orders must be received by Noon in order to be considered for next day delivery. Ordering members will receive an email or phone call confirming when their order will be ready.
  • Payment will be taken by credit card over the phone on the morning of delivery. Specific delivery or pick up timing will also be communicated during this call. Please wait to receive a call, there is no need to call the store.
  • Currently, approximate delivery/pick-up windows are 9 am-noon. Members are asked to pick up as promptly in the window they are told it will be available.
  • Limited capacity may result in some orders may being shifted to later timeslots. We will follow-up to communicate the expected delivery time within 24 hours of receiving the order.
  • Cycle delivery is offered by Shift Delivery Co-op, at cost. The charge is $11/delivery or $5/pick-up. 
  • Seniors continue to receive a discount of 5% on all orders.
  • Delivery days are now Thursday and Friday. Pick-up days are Tuesday to Friday .
  • Minimum order is $100.
  • We are currently limited to 8 orders/day. 
  • Produce prices change every day so prices are not included on the order form.

Again, please be patient with us as our staff can only handle so many orders in a day. 

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  • Laurel Stone
    commented 2020-04-14 16:26:51 -0700
    I love what you are doing. Thank you so much. They are advising seniors to stay in and isolate until it levels off and/or there is a vaccine. I can’t go out and so your work is a lifeline to seniors such as myself. I anticipate staying in isolation for at least a year. And so, I’m hoping to stock up rather than horde. I have filled out the order on the form. I created a formatting glitch and so it doesn’t tally. Please adapt my order in any manner you wish. Thank you so much for helping us. Laurel Kimbley-Stone I will attempt to attach my order. Should I not be able to figure out how to do this, I will message you again re fb.
  • Ruth Mcgibbon
    commented 2020-04-11 17:53:00 -0700

    This is a great service. One that will offer me the convenience of shopping at the Co-op. As a Senior who cannot carry any weight I appreciate grocery delivery. But, your service is more than delivery charges in local grocery shops. I appreciate the Co-op’s need at this time, but cost for delivery at local shops is free for delivery for sales of over $50.00 and under that amount the charge is $5.00, Free forSeniors on Wednesday.
    Would you consider a reduction in the delivery charge or offering a sales amount that offers delivery
    charges lower than your current amount of $11.00?