Happy New Year from our GM!

A brief review of the past year:

We started the year with some big losses and the potential of closing our beloved store, but with the help from our volunteers, our board setting up our AGM and crisis meeting, and a heartfelt rally from our Coop membership, we are still here. Thank you all, and to the wonderful staff at the coop who made sacrifices to keep our store open, I thank you all!!

I also want to thank our partners, including Vancity, Modo, and Skipper Otto for your continued support of our store.

We have seen some changes happen this year at the store which includes our new Kombucha cooler, our Pride railing at the front entrance and some noticeable price changes in our produce department.  Our coloring contests have been a big hit with customers as well as the many store contests that we are holding for our members more frequently.  Again, I thank you for all your support. 

We are very proud to say that we have gone plastic bag free which in retail is huge and a little scary.  We owe this all to our coop members as I have read your emails and notes in our suggestion box and it was the number one suggestion!!  The support from our staff who got behind this initiative has been nothing less than spectacular.  The customer feedback and support from our members and nonmembers walking in off the street to give us praise has made us proud to be going bag free!!  We have tracked our bag purchases throughout the year and are proud to be announcing that our East End Food Coop will now not be potentially putting 24400 plastic bags into local landfills next year.  We are setting the example for other grocery stores to follow and shows a small store can make a huge difference.  Congratulations!!

For 2019 we will be looking to add more sales and discounts to our Coop members in our grocery department as we did in produce.  We will also be introducing some cosmetic changes to the store to make the flow a little easier for our members and have the sale items more visible from our window front.  We will also be painting the blue front entrance to make it more inviting.  Keep visiting our Facebook page and reading our weekly newsletter to see what promotions and sales items we will have in the future. I would also like to thank Kerry, our new social media guru!!

The big question that we are always asked is how the store is doing financially?  I am pleased to say that as of October, we were showing a small profit for the year.   Which is an amazing turnaround and completely due to the member's support and the hard work of the store’s team. With a little more hard work we should make a full recovery and keep EEFC running for future years to come.

Thank you all and Happy New Year!! 
Louis C.
General Manager