In the Pink!

Have you noticed that little pink sign in the store and wondered what it meant?

What it means is that the product above is produced by a women-owned company and we think that is pretty awesome and want to support these entrepreneurs and their products! 

Have you tried the delicious dressings created by Shelley Adams of Whitewater Cooks.  

Glory Bowl Dressing is a creamy tahini and nutritional yeast flakes based dressing that is great on all vegetables, salads, rice dishes, noodles and whatever else you want to try.

You can also try the végé-pâtés from Saltspring Harvests co-owner Corinna Hagel.  Each végé-pâté is made by hand on Saltspring Island using organic, gluten free ingredients, in a dedicated gluten free kitchen.  They have a soft but substantial texture perfect for spreading on sandwiches, sprinkling on salad or sliced on a charcuterie plate. There are three delicious flavours to choose from.

Try them and support the pink!