Join the EEFC Board of Directors

East End Food Co-op, Vancouver’s only cooperatively owned grocery store, is seeking members of the community to join our Board of Directors.

Operating since 1975 and open as a storefront on Commercial Drive for over 30 years, the Co-op sells healthy, organic, fair traded and locally sourced food to members and non-members and employs over ten unionized staff. We are looking for people who want to make a difference in Vancouver’s retail food industry, who want to see food dollars remain in the community and who believe the future of food production and distribution lies in the cooperative model.

Skills, experience, and knowledge in financial planning, human resources, law, digital marketing, and strategic planning are especially welcome as are individuals with connections and affiliations to communities and groups with similar values. At the Annual General Meeting in 2018, the membership set a direction for transformation and expansion of the Co-op to meet the demands of the rapidly changing retail food market.  Since then, the Co-op hired a new General Manager, streamlined and modernized purchasing, focused personnel and brought in a marketing and member engagement professional. We are proud to report that the Co-op is on the path to regained profitability.

Board members are expected to attend monthly Board meetings as well as participating in a standing committee. In general, Board members spend between eight and twelve hours per month onboard work, including meetings and “homework” between meetings. If you have any questions or just want to talk about the Co-op, feel free to contact our board chair Graham Anderson via [email protected]


Thank you again for your support of the EEFC.