Why join?

Support Local

Membership says that you want to invest in your local community and that you support local businesses, farmers, and producers. When you shop co-op, more of your money stays in BC and the Lower Mainland.

Member Specials

Get dozens of members-only sales on items all around the store.

Member Appreciation Days

Once a month, members get an even better deal: take 10% off your entire purchase!
(Sale items excluded.)

Loyalty Points

Every time your purchase reaches $20 or more (before tax) at check-out, you earn 2 points for every single dollar spent. Reach 2,000 points and get $20 in store credit!

Each Member Gets a Vote

We're your local grocer. Help shape the direction of the business through democratic elections for the Board of Directors.

Decide What We Stock

If you have a favorite product or brand to suggest, we want to hear about it!