Start Your Own Fermentation with Holy Kraut!

We all like to eat and drink a little healthier and we thank the spaghetti gods that there are stores like the East End Food Co-op that carry a great variety of Kombucha, Kefir and so on.   However, we also love to show off a little bit and make our own stuff too. The clever ladies behind Holy Kraut can help!  We now carry their home Fermentation Kits.  

Each kit includes:

  • BPA free lid
  • 3 piece air-lock
  • handcrafted ceramic weight
  • a recipe

Also available in store are their Attachment Kits that will turn your Wide-Mouth Mason Jar into a
fermenter and make your own pro-biotic rich fermented veggies, pickles, Kim Chi
or Sauerkraut in just a few days!

You can learn more about Holy Kraut right here.