Start your day with a conscience. Try Ethical Bean Coffee

Have you heard the story behind Ethical Bean? It is inspiring and amazing. The founders, Lloyd Bernhardt, and Kim Schachte were in Guatemala awaiting the adoption of their daughter.  During that time they took in the country and learned about the culture and the coffee growers in the region.  And thus they were inspired.

The fairtrade system puts people first.  Small-scale producers organize themselves into cooperatives (we love cooperatives) which are democratically run and must follow labour, environmental, and quality standards. Forced labour is prohibited, as is child labour.  The fairtrade system, producers assure a minimum price that is based on the costs of production, not the sometimes volatile market price. Coffee cooperatives receive an additional fairtrade premium for each pound of coffee sold, which is the invested back into the community.

Ethical Bean makes tasty coffee and has a variety that will fit your style.   Come on and in check out our selection and tell us your favourite!